A Little bit about the Foothills…

We can taste spring. It’s coming but it isn’t quite here yet. Boise’s magnificent Ridge to Rivers trail system is the playground for many adventures. One thing you may not be aware of is that hiking on muddy trails is the leading cause of trail damage. Why is this?

1. When the trails are muddy, hikers avert their route and hike on the vegetation around the trail.

2. Deep footprints, tire tracks and paw prints in the mud eventually turn into deep caverns that harden and can be real ankle twisters.

3. As the trails widen due to erosion, they become increasingly more difficult to maintain.

When spring has spring and the trails are dry, we recommend the Military Preserve trail system. Bucktail Trail is a single-track trail that winds through rolling hills. Bucktail connects to Shane’s Trail and then to Three Bears Trail. These three trails make for a fantastic 8-mile round trip high elevation loop. To access this loop follow Mountain Cove Rd to the Three Bears Parking lot and enjoy your adventure! Oh, and about those muddy trails – just make sure to check ridgetorivers.org trail condition updates (complete with interactive map) before you plan your hike.

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